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Coastal Caps started out about 18 years ago when my father, a boilermaker, decided to get my mom to start making welding caps while at home with my baby brother. My father played with the hat pattern and made his own. The pattern he developed was a welding cap that was functional, extremely durable and looked like something he would want to be seen in. The business Dee's Capz R'uss was born.

The caps I make today are the same well known caps as before. Known for their quality, durability, comfort and style.

Growing up I helped my mother make these hats, and today have decided to bring Dee's Caps R'Uss back to life as my own, Coastal Caps. I too am a stay at home mom just as my mother was and this business enables me to care for my daughter while working from home. Something that is rare in this day and age.

My caps are 100% high quality cotton, reversible, machine washable. All of the seams are reinforced and I know you will find them to be far superior to any welding cap you have ever worn!




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